How to ‘Think Out Of The Box’

When it comes to creativity and innovation, people often use the expression ‘thinking out of the box’. The phrase may be a bit cheesy (!), but actually, the principle of ‘thinking differently’ is most certainly a valid way to increase your competitive edge, increase your success – and swell your bottom line.


One of the most potent and simple ways to ‘think outside the box’ isĀ  to thoroughly find out what is currently being done in the business or life area you’re interested in, and then do something different. If you offer people something that is slightly better, funnier, more engaging or helpful, you’ll immediately have an edge over everyone else in the market. One great way to find out what is going on in a certain industry is to visit Trade Fairs – they are an exciting and concentrated snapshot of a certain area of business. Wander around and see what’s missing or what could be done better…


Each generation of humans experiences certain success stories. Often, great product concepts, marketing ideas or ways of getting success can be reversioned to fit today’s new technology. Trends are often cyclical, so if you want to get some inspiration for some new ideas, look at what was successful ten, twenty or thirty years ago – and then see if there’s anything like it around now. If there isn’t, then you may be able to repackage it for a brand new generation who will find it new and exciting.

Hope those tips help and Happy Out Of The Box-ing Day!