Levity and wit are the mainstay of any good after dinner speaker in Los Angeles. Shed Simove blends his trademark humour with stories of entrepreneurial adventure and forays into experimental psychology. He will inform, entertain, and inspire your guests.


Shed’s a great speaker for when the dessert spoons are down. His memorable presentation will help every audience member explore their creativity using concrete tips and techniques. He offers a wide repertoire to suit every event. Shed’s varied career has provided him with stories to enlighten and amuse a myriad of audiences around the world. From changing his name to ‘God’ and turning a blank book into a best seller, through to inventing the ‘Martin Loofah King’ and ‘Chopping Bard’, Shed will offer anecdotes that are perfectly selected for your audience and event’s tone. If you’re seeking a knockout motivational speaker or after dinner speaker in Los Angeles, London or Las Vegas, Shed’s your man. His testimonials are glowing, so do check them out.

After Dinner Speaker in Los Angeles

Your after dinner speech is one of the most important elements of a successful event. A speaker with a wealth of experience and engaging charisma is essential to offer insight with humour and humanity.

Comedy and Insight After Dinner Speaker in Los Angeles

Shed’s after dinner speeches are a calculated blend of comedy with astute observations about the human brain and how to make the most of its gifts. The duration and content of every speech are bespoke to the audience and setting. Your after dinner speech will vary according to your requirements and audience’s preference, as well as the setting, formality, and timing of the event. A strong intuitive understanding of his listeners means Shed succeeds in making every person think differently and laugh out loud.


The breadth and success of Shed’s pursuits makes him the perfect speaker for a surprising variety of audiences. He has addressed audiences from ITV, City and Guilds, Unilever, Tesco, B&Q, Sony, and EE, to name a few, and inspired countless ideas, glowing references, and congratulatory tweets. Get in touch to discuss your booking to for a truly memorable event finale.