Show your audience that innovation isn’t the preserve of business leaders like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk – every single one of your employees is capable of creating profitable ideas and leading change. Offer them the chance to make the most of that potential and fully understand what their brain can really achieve.

Shed will speak to you to fully understand your overall mission as well as the event objectives to craft a keynote speech that meets all of your requirements. His approach means that he understands your audience and takes the speech beyond a simple one-way conversation to connect with every member.

Your finished keynote speech will be full of real stories, adventures, and tips that the audience can use in their day to day life. In less than an hour, Shed will impart his knowledge, entertain your audience, and inspire them to reach for more.

A good keynote speech does not answer every question – Shed will leave your audience with their own enquiries and the tools they need to satisfy them. The key to creativity is asking the right questions – Shed offers the first step to innovation.

Harness Innovation

Set the tone for your event with a truly memorable and entertaining keynote speech from bestselling author and maverick, Shed Simove.

Shed’s core message of embracing creativity and innovation is based on an in-depth understanding of experimental psychology and how to succeed as an entrepreneur. His infectious enthusiasm and humour are the perfect vehicles for delivering actionable tips and real-world solutions to common business problems such as silo-syndrome or satisfaction with the status quo.

Every keynote speech is personalised and can also be carefully tailored to the event and overall message of your conference as well – Shed will prepare his keynote address and visuals to capture the essence of your meeting and present it to your audience as the perfect introduction or conclusion.