A Motivational Speaker In Austin, Texas…

A Motivational Speaker In Austin | I felt enormously privileged and excited to be invited to present a keynote speech at ILEA’s annual conference in Austin, Texas. ILEA is a global trade organization for the Event Industry, so the attendees were all amazing VIPS from the world of events, conferences and wedding planning. As you can imagine, when they put on a conference, it’s quite something!

Not only did the talented team of event planners from ILEA put on a stimulating and thought-provoking array of inspirational and industry relevant speakers, they also threw three spectacular parties, each one carefully themed and full of exciting details, like ice sculptures, slow-motion photo booths, delicious food and drink – and a live snake at one of them too!


My speech to the ILEA VIPS focused on techniques for coming up with great ideas (and making them happen), plus I posed the delegates important business questions to help them improve their sales and success. Whenever I deliver a keynote speech to a blue chip company or large established  organization, as well as aiming to engage and entertain the audience, I always deliver solid, ‘take-home’ business lessons that the attendees can take back to work on Monday with them, so they can increase their bottom line and general success.

During my presentation, I also highlighted some amazing examples of creativity, attention to detail and personal touches that ILEA included during their sensational conference, like this stunning floating wireframe sculpture that marked where one of the party venues was located and these hand made Quentin Tarantino themed cookies…








Whilst in Austin, I was also utterly thrilled to be able to fit in a visit the Odd Duck restaurant whilst I was there, which mixed an informal atmosphere with fabulous food.

All in all, the ILEA conference was an exceptionally well produced event, attended by talented, warm and passionate experts. Thanks ILEA!


In order to effectively promote yourself as a professional motivational speaker, you should aim to include professional photos on your website and blogs. Whilst I was in Austin, Texas, the super talented artist Lisa Hause created stunning images that deftly captured the atmosphere and excitement of the ILEA event. Here are just a few examples of her fabulous work: