Team Building Exercises In Los Angeles | It’s true, Corporate team building activities are proven to help boost moral because it brings employees closer together with participating in fun activities. And, it provides everyone with a much-needed break from office life. When people get to know each other better, away from work, they bond in a way that makes them more productive on the job and in their regular work activities with one another.

With that said, the next step for corporate management is to plan a fun and relaxing team building trip, somewhere?

Why not Los Angeles? The city has a wealth of fun and interesting locations that are ideal for corporate team building activities because there are many available, whether it is a small group of 10 people, or larger groups of 100 or more. There is something for everyone in Los Angeles, the choices are nearly limitless, whether you schedule indoor activities or plan to give your team some time outdoors in the fresh air, you’ll find it, in the “city of angels.”

Walk Through Hollywood Hills and Visit The Sign

The iconic “Hollywood” sign is a great location to visit, and getting there is half the fun. There are stunning views of the city that await your group on pleasant hiking trails that wind their way through the rolling hills of the Santa Monica Mountains, which end with a close encounter with ‘the’ sign that sits just below the ridge-line of Mt. Lee, at 1,708 feet.

Taste the Wine of Malibu

Home of some of the best wineries and vineyards in the country, Malibu is a great team building spot to taste the wines from California, basically, the fertile mountains here are ideal for growing grapes, and just relaxing with your team.

Standup Paddleboarding, Kayaking, Beach Games, and Sandcastle Competition

Everyone loves to go to the beach, and there is so much to do at the beaches around Los Angeles. Whether you plan activities on the water, such as kayaking, or scheduling standup paddleboarding lessons for your team, or just hanging out on the sand playing beach games and having a sandcastle competition, good bonding fun awaits.

Bike Adventure Through Santa Monica, Venice & Marina Del Ray and Culver City History Movie Studios

Why not give your team a workout? Biking through these famous locations is a “sight-to-see”. And will surely provide great bonding moments that will not soon be forgotten. And, when it is time to head back after a day of biking fun, you can plan a yoga class for your team, to help them relax.

Schedule an After Dinner Motivational Speech

After a busy week of fun team building activities, and before heading back to the office, empower your team with a motivational speech by the best in the business – Shed Simove.

An after dinner motivational speech is a perfect way to create a positive and entertaining send off for your employees. Rather than rely on a PowerPoint presentation to get your people motivation about their lives and jobs. In fact, it will be a defining and memorable moment of their whole trip, and is sure to send everybody home on a high.