Keynote Speaker Gary Vaynerchuk! I’m hugely excited to appear on the bill of Brand Minds Asia with a raft of impressive professional speakers.And keynote speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk. Wooop!

As a professional motivational speaker who’s hired to present around the world. It’s taken me ten years of giving speeches to get to this point. And a further fifteen before that to have enough insight, business examples. And knowledge to be able to present about creativity, innovation, sales and guerilla marketing. With the aim of delivering a speech that materially benefits the bright and dynamic people or Teams in the audience.

So it’s taken about twenty five years to become an overnight success – ha ha!

One of the reasons it’s been a ‘slow burn’ to reach this level is that in order for many event organisers (or ‘event organizers’ in America!) to be confident enough to to book a motivational speaker for their conference. Or event is that in the past, they’d want to watch that speaker on stage in the flesh. Now of course, with the magic of YouTube, any professional motivational speaker can embed. A short two minute video of themselves on stage to give an instant flavour of how that person will work at any event. Here’s an example two minute video of me on stage:

Keynote Speaker Gary Vaynerchuk!

It’s always my aim with my presentations to engage, entertain, be thought provoking. And also deliver solid business techniques and marketing tips that anyone can implement immediately to improve their success in any area.

Recently, I’ve fortunate enough to have hired as Motivational Speaker in Saltzburg, Austria. Which was an utterly stunning town – and the people I met there were so warm, funny, clever and intelligent.

So, I’m hugely looking forward to being a ‘Motivational Speaker In Singapore for ‘Brand Minds Asia.’ And meeting the inspirational speakers and the amazingly talented attendees too.

Hope to see you there!