Recently, visiting the west coast of the states was such a thrill. As a motivational speaker in America, Los Angeles, with an expertise in creativity, innovation, sales and marketing, I visited a high profile Agent at the prestigious talent agency, WME. I wanted to make our meeting completely memorable. So, I had a plaque made for the Agent at the Hollywood Trophy Company, a store that creates trophies and plaques for members of the public – and for movies and TV shows too. The plaque made the Agent’s day. It was amazing – and meant we had an even more memorable meeting. The Trophy store even had a plaque on the wall that they made for the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ movie…see below.

Hollywood Trophy Co make and supply tons of really cool trophies, plaques and other props for the television, film and music industry, plus they also customise and personalise items for members of the public too.


As a motivational speaker in America, Los Angeles, London and Las Vegas, my motivational speeches cover many topics. These range from ‘thinking differently’, ‘how to have ideas and make them happen’ and ‘guerilla marketing’. I often show examples from the product design part of my life. And sometimes I create a prototype working with a company like Hollywood Trophy Company. Companies like that can easily print or engrave anything I want. What a wonderful resource.

Services like this are especially useful when you need a personalised gift for someone special in your life. There’s nothing like giving somebody something you’ve made as a one off. A famous quote goes like this: ‘The most precious word to every person is their name…”. Therefore, if you place a person’s name on a gift, you’ll instantly make it so much more memorable. They love it! I decided to write a book about creating special gifts for people – it’s called ‘Presents Money Can’t Buy‘ and contains fifty ideas for totally unique gifts that will make someone’s day…