Now you can now really ‘Drink Responsibly’ with this beer range called ‘RESPONSIBLY’. The beer comes in six flavours, and contains less alcohol than an average beer, which contains 4-6% ABV. contains 3.5-4%.

The full RESPONSIBLY press pack including images, videos and Press Release, is HERE.


We’re all really familiar with the tagline found on alcohol adverts. Billboards, TV ads, online videos – they all urge us to ‘Drink Responsibly’.

So, entrepreneur, author and professional speaker, Shed Simove has taken this to the extreme. First, he trademarked the brand name ‘RESPONSIBLY’ for beer. You can view the trademark here.

Next, he created a range of beer with that moniker.

Instantly, it was now possible to really, actually…drink responsibly!

Shed’s aim is to now license this idea to an established brewing company. They can then distribute it around the globe, so that people everywhere can drink responsibly! As a range of non alcoholic beer, this could really catch on. The zero alcohol beverage market has been growing steadily for years. And this growth will only continue as people around the globe become more health conscious and careful about their alcohol consumption.

So, if you’d like to collaborate with Shed and release this range of Responsibly Beer, please get in touch.