Best Activities For Team Building In Las Vegans! Las Vegas wasn’t always America’s glitziest playground. In fact, it was established in 1905 by opportunistic entrepreneurs and organized criminals as an escapist haven for federal construction crews building what would eventually become Hoover Dam across the Colorado River. Decades before Nevada’s unfathomably profitable 1931 legalization of casino gambling and a post-World War II tide of Americans letting the good times roll after six years invested in fighting for the future of the free world, Sin City embodied calculated entrepreneurial risk as a shimmering entertainment hub smack in the middle of a sprawling desert.

As prime settings for team-building exercises go, there are few safer bets than a few days in the American Southwest’s most scintillating hotbed where dreams and golden opportunities can rise or fall with any given roll of the dice.

Rent A Dune Buggy & Chase Your Boss

Admittedly, higher-ups who acknowledge their employees’ genuine loathing for them might want to think twice about reenacting ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ by letting anywhere from one to 500 staffers give chase on rumbling dune buggies across Sun Buggy Fun Rentals’ 15,000-acre landscape just 15 minutes removed from the strip. Everyone else, on the other hand? What better way to introduce your team to the thrill of unity in pursuit of a thrilling common cause?

Dig Up The Earth With Heavy Equipment

How about some really manual activities for team building? When creating anything a fraction of a fraction as grand and enduring as the Las Vegas Strip often calls upon every hand on deck to shift mountains both individually and with their combined might. Make a date with Dig This Las Vegas to saddle up your crew in the cabs of massive bulldozers, excavators and loaders for a lesson in harnessing earth-moving force as a unit.

Engage In An Escape Room

Since emerging across Japan in 2006, escape rooms have swept the world as immersive interactive role-playing challenges that task groups with a single collaborative challenge: escape a devilishly secure themed room within a tense window. Escape Chambers crafts pulse-pounding scenarios that transform your team into an elite squad of jewel thieves, hardened CIA agents, captives in a magical alternate world and countless more thrilling options that fleetingly feel thousands of miles removed from reality. There are few more memorable ways to size up collective grit, guile and resourceful problem-solving skills than these 60-minute adventures.

Pub Crawl Scavenger Hunt

There isn’t much Las Vegas doesn’t offer, except maybe a shortage of places to grab a good drink. If you plan on shepherding anywhere from eight to 40 people you can split into teams of four to six competitors and happen to have around three hours to kill, consider setting up a competitive pub crawl centered on coinciding trivia and scavenger-hunt challenges. Everyone gets as boozy and bawdy as they individually choose. Meanwhile, the cunning trials along the way test everyone’s mental muscularity with a cheeky side of competitive fun. Best of all, the entire group runs the gauntlet shoulder-to-shoulder together, from the night’s first libation to nursing the ensuing morning’s hangovers.

Shoot Your Boss With A Laser

Sure. Nobody else has ever wanted to pick up a weapon and fire off a warning shot at the boss. Pull the other one, it’s got bells on it. Battle Blast Laser Tag will turn your office team-building event into fun, futuristic warfare that fuses Tag, Capture the Flag and Hide-and-Seek with the chance to hunt down the head honcho in 10-minute competitive rounds while defending team bases and targets from the opposition’s assault. Everyone wins together or goes down separately in defeat.

Travel Through The Grand Canyon on a Coach

Sometimes, it only takes sharing a truly awe-inspiring experience to bring everyone together on the same page. The transportation specialists at Grand Canyon Coaches offer four unforgettable experiences staged against the backdrop of one of America’s most spectacular natural settings: Grand Canyon West and Grand Canyon South tours, whitewater rafting down the Colorado River and guided tours Hoover Dam tours. Drinking in all that grandeur is a shared thrill your team will reminisce about together for years to come, guaranteed.

Experience A Wasteland Paintball Experience

If laser tag’s futuristic ambience fails to get your blood rushing. Combat Zone Las Vegas Paintball dresses up classic urban warfare in the fresh thrills of six dramatic settings. Healthy competition can get your teammates better acquainted with one another’s core strengths without letting the action become cutthroat. But it doesn’t take much imagination to see how someone could get lost in a dystopian landscape replete with zombies and psychotic rogue marauders. Go ahead. Indulge your little slice of Thunderdome.

Have a Lip Sync Battle

There’s a reason musicals are so infectiously enjoyable. exactly how are people supposed to remain pissed at each other when combat is reduced to vivacious, unbridled song? Well, Las Vegas just happens to have its own live take on Jimmy Fallon’s hilarious hit. “Lip Sync Battle” segment of NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” and the folks in charge would love to see your staff square off in madly entertaining competition after an hour rehearing their favorite songs and carefully selecting provided costumes. From there, everyone gets one to two minutes on stage to strut their stuff and determine which two teams win the judges’ approval to face an audience-applause vote and determine a winner.

Enjoy A TeamCuisine Game

Have you ever seen a professional kitchen crew working together as a perfectly-oiled machine to orchestrate an incredible culinary experience? It is an utter wonder of coordination and communication. TeamCuisine has offered hundreds of groups across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama and Japan the ultimate unity-forging cooperative experience by tasking them with delivering a super five-star gourmet banquet without an appropriately outstanding kitchen, artful recipes or diligent culinary training. By the way, your production has a strictly limited deadline. No pressure, but what a deliciously rewarding master class in teamwork.

Have A Dinner In The Sky

Nothing brings a group of individuals together as one quite like an airborne taste of fine dining. In this case, it doesn’t even have to involve flight attendants and a terrible movie. Dinner in the Sky serves up a choice of two exquisite entrées and a chef’s selection of delectable hors-d’oeuvres and desserts around a spacious table for up to 10 guests safely suspended on a crane-supported platform lifted 160 feet above the ground with a description-defying panoramic view of the Las Vegas Strip and miles of desert in every direction. Afterward, everyone can congregate in the Sky Lounge and catch their breath over champagne while picking their jaws up off the platform.

Race High-Performance Cars

Looking for a new, rewarding way to challenge your employees? Descend upon Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch and bond over your shared need for speed. Together, you will back up a chosen team member who will take the wheel of a precision sports car for either a strictly educational or excitingly competitive experience set in a professionally controlled racing environment. The only thing sharper than your group’s cooperative communication coming out of this incredible exercise will be their real-world driving skills. Plan your next carpool carefully.

Race RC Cars

Let’s suppose a full-scale motorsports immersion experience is just a bit “much” for your group. Book an outing at 702 RC Raceway offers a lower-key experience without sacrificing the value of strengthening camaraderie during a fun, ambitious race to the finish line. Take to the on- or off-road track without fearing for a second that someone might wreck a vehicle worth more than your entire team. A few flips, slips, slides and crashes are all par for the course.

Go Skydiving

Skydive Fyrosity knows that the team who defies death together can achieve just about anything. That’s why they specialize in personally training private or corporate groups of all sizes to leap out of perfectly good airplanes in the ultimate “trust fall.” Kidding aside, your staff will have transcended to new heights of mutual faith if you can all plummet to Earth knowing that each of you will have someone else’s back in the event something should go wrong. In the best-case scenario, not everybody can bond over having dove out of an aircraft side-by-side.

Fire Some Guns Together

The Range 702 is no ordinary haven for firearm enthusiasts. This unforgettable new backdrop includes a VIP suite furnished with its own private range, leather couches. A fully stocked beverage bar and media surround sound ready to comfortably welcome up to 40 guests when the time comes for a break from filling the primary 16 shooting lanes with gunfire. In the interest of assuaging concerns about potential mishaps. The impressive facility is supervised extensively by a watchful team of safety officers from the time your complimentary shuttle arrives until your departure. Step outside your comfort zone, take something exhilaratingly dangerous into the palms of your hands and watch everyone learn something about themselves and each other.

Climb Some Mountains

If you want to ascend to the highest heights together. What better place to start than at the foot of an imposing mountain? Mountain Skills Rock Climbing Adventures boasts an unparalleled reputation for redefining productivity and morale among corporate teams through the uniquely empowering perspectives only found when determined to scale a rock face and reach the top as a unit. The only way to the end of your climb is paved with problem-solving skills, attention to detail and partnerships rooted in a commitment to push each other just a few more steps. With multiple wills at a work, there’s always a way, no matter the previous skill level.


Las Vegas is full of chances to take a chance. However, the safe money always gets behind a team that can act individually and think collectively with one all-encompassing objective. Know of any can’t-miss team-building opportunities we missed? Let us know!