Recently, I was thrilled to be invited to speak at the conferences for people who put on conferences (!) – CONFEX, held at London’s Olympia. Speech in London

Given I’ve been a professional Motivational Speaker for over ten years. I was hugely excited to talk to the geniuses who put on events around the world, some of which I get to present at!

When I arrived, I saw that the stage was set up with a holographic screen. And which was totally stunning – it used the same technique as the old vaudeville trick, ‘Dr Pepper’s Ghost’.

I also noticed that becasue of the snow that day. Not that many people were in the audience for the previous session. Speech in London

I wanted as many people as possible to watch my speech, so I added a post-it note to the sign displaying all the sessions. That way, I’d make sure I didn’t damage the sign or make any permanent changes to it. Here’s what it looked like, below. I never knew what an impact it would have…

speech in London

Speech in London…

After my speech, a big-wig from a huge events company came up to me and we swapped business cards. He said he was interested in booking me – exciting! The next day he emailed me and told me this:

“Awesome presentation and randomly attended by myself too. I saw the green post it note on the board and as an event organiser wondered what it said (why the session had been cancelled)…”.

Therefore, if I hadn’t have placed the post-it on the list of sessions, that amazing guy would never have even take a look at the title of my talk, seen that it wasn’t cancelled and then bothered to watch me speak.

I’m now in contact with him about speaking at one or more of his events… Speech in London

Thanks little square of sticky paper!