I was thrilled, honoured to be asked to be the keynote speaker in Slovenia at the amazing DIGGIT event. It was a fabulous conference held in Ljubljana. The event was brilliantly produced by a fantastic Team. And the VIP Delegates who attended were talented in a wide range of business areas. My speech on how to think differently and how to get publicity on a budget, seemed to go down well. I’d absolutely love to present in Slovenia again…


Shed Simove Motivational Speaker keynote speaker Slovenia

It’s a complete privilege to be invited to an exciting country like Slovenia to give a presentation. Especially when you’re asked to speak about topics you’re wildly passionate about.

Subsequently, as a keynote speaker in Slovenia, my motivational speech covered various subject areas I deeply care about. And many that I have huge experience in. For example, here are some topics I cover. Failure. Success. Thinking differently. Guerrilla marketing. How to increase your sales. Getting publicity on a budget. Triggering your mind to come up with amazing ideas that will improve your bottom line. All areas I have experienced first hand over my time working in Television, Product Design and Publishing. Therefore, I’m well placed to speak about these topics.

That is to say, I was delighted to meet the stimulating and exciting delegates too. It’s always amazing who you can connect with on trips like this. Being a keynote speaker in Slovenia was utterly wonderful.

In the same vein, the bright minds around you can stimulate you to be even more productive and creative.

To sum up, if you want to wow your audience, then hire a speaker who knows about personal development and business development too.

On the other hand, you can also ask me to present in between your other guests too.

As a result, if you’re looking for a keynote speaker in Slovenia, or anywhere in the world, please consider me. Have a lovely day x