Why I Hate Business Cards

Why I Hate Business Cards Like everything I try to create, my business card has been designed to be different. I believe that when you differentiate what you’re doing from everyone else, you gain a competitive advantage. Here’s my EGO Banknote business card – some people have said it’s the best business card in the world: This business card may be memorable, but getting my details into your phone is tough… And when I’m booked to give motivational speeches at conferences, I often receive dozens of traditional paper business cards. Even with OCR (optical character recognition) apps, these are still […]

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How to Have Great Ideas…

How to Have Great Ideas… When I give speeches and keynotes around the world, from Los Angeles to London, from New York to China, I’m often asked a motivational speaker on creativity. And innovation, how to turn your ideas into products or services – i.e. how to bring your ideas to life. Below are some excerpts from my book,‘Success Or Your Money Back’ that outline some of the themes I cover in my speeches as a motivational and inspirational speaker… How To Unlock The Amazing Ideas Inside You Many people view the ability to come up with new and innovative […]

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