A Motivational Speaker in London… by Shed Simove

I feel incredibly fortunate to have spoken at two BLUE CHIP companies in London this week.

When you’re invited to speak at a company’s conference, it’s such a massive privilege to be welcomed in to an organisation’s inner sanctum, often where they share sensitive information about their company and to meet not only the top brass, but also the VIP Teams that make the company thrive.

Therefore, there’s an even greater onus on a keynote speaker like myself to do the company proud. In my humble (!) opinion, after many years on the professional speaker circuit, a truly fantastic professional business speaker should do three things:

  1. Engage
  2. Entertain
  3. Inform

The first two are self explanatory, if the assembled VIP guests are not captivated, then no matter what you say, your message will be lost – and if you’re not constantly stimulating the minds in the room with humour, fabulous visuals or unpredictable twists, then their attention span will wane.

Once you’ve captured their attention and kept themĀ  stimulated, an excellent business keynote speaker will then deliver real, concrete and useful content that can affect the success, sales and bottom line of everyone in the room. They need to leave energised, excited and also, importantly, armed with new techniques, ways of looking at the world and practical tips that they can implement in their own lives or on a Monday morning at work, in order to fundamentally improve their fulfillment, happiness and bottom line.

And so these are the three targets I always aim to hit with my motivational speeches.