How Watching Inspirational TED Talks Can Lead You To Become A Better Entrepreneur

Better In Business, Better Motivational Speaker TED Talks Can Lead You | The great philosopher Lau Tzu famously said, “The wise man knows what he does not know.” Were you to lock inside a room with one man convinced he has nothing left to learn and another equally steadfast in his conviction that the most profound knowledge yet awaits him, the surely self-professed most learned man alive would no doubt unfurl some florid cornucopia of accumulated facts and insights to know and tell. He would also be the more likely of the pair to bumble into some pratfall, be it […]

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A Motivational Speaker In Austin, Texas…

A Motivational Speaker In Austin, Texas… A Motivational Speaker In Austin | I felt enormously privileged and excited to be invited to present a keynote speech at ILEA’s annual conference in Austin, Texas. ILEA is a global trade organization for the Event Industry, so the attendees were all amazing VIPS from the world of events, conferences and wedding planning. As you can imagine, when they put on a conference, it’s quite something! Not only did the talented team of event planners from ILEA put on a stimulating and thought-provoking array of inspirational and industry relevant speakers, they also threw three […]

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A Creativity Speaker In London…

I feel incredibly fortunate to be a creativity speaker In London. My areas of expertise are Creativity, Innovation, Sales and Marketing. And this week, I presented to two BLUE CHIP companies in London . When you’re invited to speak at a company’s conference, it’s such a massive privilege to be welcomed in to an organisation’s inner sanctum. This is often where they share sensitive information about their company and to meet not only the top brass, but also the VIP Teams that make the company thrive. Therefore, there’s an even greater onus on a keynote speaker like myself to do […]

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